Mary Jane Veloso is one of the nine convicts to be executed in Indonesia tomorrow April 29. Veloso was charged of smuggling illegal drugs to Indonesia and has spent 5 years in prison. Sadly the Philippine government does not have enough power or wits or right leader to urge Indonesia's President Joko Widodo to grant clemency to her and reduce her sentence to life imprisonment.

As the time of her execution draws near, the Filipino people protests, signed petitions and took to their social media accounts in desperate efforts to somehow stop the Indonesian government from carrying out Veloso's execution.
Mary Jane Veloso Told her children about execution

May Jane Veloso was all over the news lately and we have learned many things about her. We have learned that she might just be a victim of a syndicate that was trying to smuggle in illegal substance to Indonesia. According to her, she was made an unknowingly mule and that is a believable story and probably the heartbreaking truth is that she is innocent. But what's more heartbreaking is the story of what Mary Jane told her children about her execution. Watch the video and hear this heartbreaking story.

"`Pag namatay si Mama, `wag mong isipin na si Mama namatay dahil masama siya dahil nakakulong siya." #SaveMaryJaneHere's the full story: Mary Jane to eldest son: 'Be proud of your mother' http://rplr.co/1DEFgz1
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