In Japan there is a game show called Sing What Happens where male contestants' karaoke skills are put to extreme tests. By extreme we mean that they must sing while their manhood are being stroke by a lovely lady.

Japanese people always put up the boldest and weirdest game show ever since TV has been invented. That is a well known fact but they still surprises us with this types of shows.

Sing What Happens is said to be better than American Idol in many levels according male audiences on YouTube. Since I am a male myself, I can see that even if a contestant loses the challenge he still wins. Sort of. So yes, it's better than other singing contests.

Anyway, the object of the game is for contestants to know the song by heart and to not be distracted by the lovely female stroking them eagerly down there.

In the game, the lady mostly uses her hands to distract contestants but there are special occasions where she uses her feet as well. The ultimate goal is to carry an acceptable tune until they finish off. I can't post links to the video itself for obvious reasons so let these photos be enough. Head over to YouTube if you really want to see it.

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