A group of unidentified flying objects was sighted and recorded on video from Lubao Diversion Road in Pampanga a couple of days ago. The news first broke out in social media since then it has been making a buzz as testimonies from different people claiming to have experienced the same thing pours in every comment threads of posts regarding the sighting.

According to Paolo Gallardo, the netizen who posted the said video, the lights were there as if dancing for a good 5 to 8 minutes.

Meanwhile, Jojo Dimagiba, another netizen posted a video the same dancing lights but mentioned that he took the video somewhere along SCTEX. Watch the two videos below.

As of now, no one on the internet can explain what this things actually were. Are they really alien ships probing Pampanga? Or maybe it was just some fireflies just doing their thing? Was it just airplanes? Ah yes, it's highly probable that it was a plane of some sort. It could be a group of RC drones. Uso ngayon yun eh.

One thing is for sure: no one knows what it is hence it can be called a group of unidentified flying objects (UFO) hovering in Pampanga.

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