Maricar Sebastian the mother of late Jam Sebastian of popular YouTube couple Jamich speaks up about rumored issues between her and Mich Liggayu.

In an interview with a local showbiz talk show, Mrs. Sebastian voiced out her resentment towards Mich and said, "Ang sabi ko, gusto ko ng breakdown ng finances ng anak ko." (translation: I told her I want a breakdown of my son's finances).

Mrs. Sebastian also said that she wanted Jam's share of JamichTV's revenue since his son passed away leaving her, as Jam's family, a right to claim Jam's share of Jamich's income.

To those who are confused to what's really happening between Jam's mother and his girlfriend Mich, let me explain the situation. The short answer to the question: 'what are they really fighting about' is: profit. Money.

As a YouTube partner, JamichTV generates profit from their videos. Whenever you watch their videos they generate income. Money. Dollars.

How do I know this?

I am also a YouTuber.

But let's get back to Jamich.

According to my research, JamichTV earns an estimated amount between $1,200 to $19,800 per month. That is approximately Php51,600 to Php851400 every month in our peso. That, my friends, is clearly a sizable amount of money that many people will deem worth fighting for.

JamichTV Income

How do they get the money?

When you become a YouTube partner you managed the earnings of your channel in an online account called Adsense which is Google's program. That is where you can see statistics of your YouTube channel such as pageviews and earnings per day. From there you can also set up your payee name, address of payee and the method of payment i.e. money transfer, bank transfer etc.

From that same program you will also be able to set if you are just an individual or another entity like a corporation.

The likely situation right now.

I'm guessing that Mich holds the bank account to which JamichTV's earnings are deposited each month. It may be their joint account or something like that. Because if not and the bank account is named to Jam only, his family could easily transfer it to their names because they are his heirs.

So why do Mrs. Sebastian seem to know a lot about JamichTV's income?

She probably have an idea of how much money Jamich channel is making because she is Jam's mother. That and the other likely reason why is because she have her other son Yexel who, from what I've learned, has learned the inner workings of internet marketing from his late brother Jam. Jam is the real internet marketer but he did not pass into this world without teaching his craft to someone else.

Yexel knows how to YouTube. If not then he won't be producing his own videos. But then again, Mich also learned how to YouTube.

The only problem is Mich seems to be not so inclined to sharing JamichTV's income with his late boyfriend's family.

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