PBA Slam mobile game just got released to Play Store by developer Ranida Studios. It is the official Philippine Basketball Association mobile application which is a 2-on-2 game featuring teams and players from PBA.

From our first impressions, the overall appearance and feel of the game is quite impressive. Although the style and gameplay is undeniably heavily inspired by the classic NBA Jam, it's still pretty awesome and may actually look better in terms of graphics.
PBA Slam app

The game is played using an on screen joystick at the left to control the player's movement and three other on-screen buttons on the right controls the pass, shoot and hand check functions.

Currently, it only features a single player 2 vs 2 whole court game which you can expect to be action packed with exaggerated gameplay like jumping beyond human capabilities and fancy slam dunks. It also has no fouls and you can set the length of quarters up to 5 minutes each. There 2 difficulty settings: rookie and veteran.

Unfortunately, the current version only allows you to play two characters each team. But the app is expected to get more upgrades and improvements in the updates to come. So for those who want to play KIA Carnival's Manny Pacquiao, just stay put and wait.

If you want to play this game, you may download it for free in here.

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