A video of what appears to be an old woman being bullied by a bunch of kids has been making the rounds on social media. The video shows an elderly grabbed by the coat and being swung around around by younger man while she cries and screams.

Old Woman Spun Around Because of social media we have seen and read news of how some rude people disrespects the elders but this particular incident is quite on the next level of being an a-hole. This act is so horrible but still you can see the main a-hole and his friends are enjoying it.

At one point the old lady tried to run away but one of the young men caught her and swung her around again. The poor lady seemingly hurt or injured can't do anything but cry. It is no wonder that many reacted to the video with disgust saying that these punks should be punished because it is just plain horrible and what they did can surely be called an assault.

The video of this old lady being bullied by young men went viral and as of now has gotten many views.

Jerks spin around old woman for funKawawang matanda pinagtripan ng mga tambay.
Posted by Pinoy News Blogger on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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