Sorry for the misleading title for it turns out that they were just impersonators of U.S. President Barrack Obama and the North Korea's Leader Kim Jong Un singing in front of a crowd. They look friendly with each other though and they seem not to exchange threats of war and other horrible things that leads to nations being destroyed.

The video that is a little over 3 minutes long turned out to be an advertising campaign for eNuri, an electronics company. It went viral and got over 6 million views and counting after PandoraTV uploaded it to their page on FB.
Obama and Kim Jong Un sing together.

The duo whose names are Mr. Overma and Mr. Kim played instruments, not of war, but of music and played an acoustic cover of "All By Myself" in front of a crowd in Hongdae Area, Seoul South Korea.

Watch the funny video below which will surely make you think how this world will be a better place if only real world leaders would just come together and settle in peace and harmony.

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