There is a new fashion craze in Japan that has got the attention of the internet again. Many think that it's a new found technique for girls to boost the appearance of your cleavage, assuming that you are a female of course.

This story is from Japan so that means one can easily find it a bit weird. According to reports, women across the country are now often seen wearing ribbons below their breasts. They believe that doing so will make their cleavages more prominent every time they raise their arms.

Japanese Fashion Craze To Boost Cleavage

Who and when did all this start, you ask? Apparently, enthusiastic fans of a new Anime called "Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?" are who started it. They were inspired by the show's character Hestia who boasts a busty physique. Since then, fans, many are cosplayers started imitating the fictional character and started posting pictures of themselves wearing ribbons below their bewbs on social media.

Meanwhile, according to a cosplayer, the ribbon does not really help in lifting her breast, not even at the slightest. But many are still doing it, not to lift their breasts but for the sake of character they are cosplaying.

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