In light of the forthcoming mega fight of Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather Jr, let us tone down your growing anxiety by letting you watch the alleged Mommy Dionisia's throwback video.

The video was believed to be taken many years ago but was only uploaded today because back then there's no social media. That is probably a fabricated backstory though. In any case, the video shows a what looks like a young Dionisia Pacquiao lip-synching and grooving to the upbeat song called Urong Sulong.

Mommy Dionisia Throwback

Though the girl in the video greatly resembles Mommy D, she is in fact and obviously not a different person. But the internet is full of people with great sense of humor so we have this video to give us all a good laugh and lessen the anxiety that we all feel from waiting for Pacman's fight.

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