A miracle happened to a beggar along the road in Ortigas MRT Station after a kindly man approached and spoke to him. What is more awe-inspiring is that it was captured in video. The subject in the video appears to be a disabled person missing a leg begging for money and looking so sad and very desperate.

But when a man who has a kind heart approached the poor disabled person and spoke to him, he was shocked. And so the whole world was. The kindly man who approached him spoke words like an intense prayer and said: "Nasaan ang isa mong paa? Nasaan ang isang paa mo?" (Where is your other leg, my son?).
Beggar with one leg walks again

At one point in the video you can see that the beggar tried to cover his eyes with his hand as if a holy light so bright it's blinding, is emanating from the man bestowing prayers upon him. Lo and behold, just split seconds after the man utter the words "Tumayo ka nga." (Stand up, son) the poor disabled person stood up with his missing leg fully restored as if it was always there and was never gone. It's like street magic but with no trickery or illusion involved whatsoever.

The world is really full of surprises and despite all the news of death, disasters, government officials plundering our nation and embarrassing presidents, we still witness these types of truly inspiring miracles. Hope is indeed not lost. We should all pray for this poor beggar to never lose his leg again so that he will not have to sit on the street and beg the passersby money ever again. Let's also stop electing idiots so that our economy would become better and maybe one day we could keep poverty at bay if not eradicate it.

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  1. Dear author, i hope you know the meaning of the word "panloloko"

    Green guy wears 2 piece of shorts, 1 is to hide the bended knee, and the other one is for him to walk away.

    Case closed.