It all happened long ago when Liam Neeson was still a school teacher. According to Neeson, at that time one of his students had been disrupting the class during his lecture. So he told the disobedient kid to get out of class and stand outside the classroom as punishment.

To the surprise of Liam the kid pulled out a knife on him which made him feel threatened so his immediate reaction was to punch the kid. At the end of the day no one and nothing gets taken but his job as a teacher because he was fired after the incident. His life would turn around then and he would become one of the most popular action stars in Hollywood.
Liam Neeson Punched a kid as a teacher

This story is told by Liam Neeson himself in an interview by Highly Questionable on ESPN. You can watch it below if you want. Just skip to 2:56 to hear about it.

So how do you feel about Liam Neeson punching a knife wielding 15 year old kid in the face?

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