Fans of Jamich posts reactions days after internet star Jam Sebastian's mother came out and speaks her heart out on national TV. While many express their sympathies for the mother of the late Jam, there are some that sided with Mich Liggayu, the other half of Jamich.

According to Maricar Sebastian, her son's share of Jamich's income should now go to her as she is the rightful heir since his son passed away but Mich allegedly decline to split the income and instead logged out all of the social accounts of Jam locking them away from accessing it. Mrs. Sebastian appeared and told this on at least two talk show interviews while Mich Liggayu has not yet issued an official statement regarding the issue.

Meanwhile, fans rally to their FB walls and posted their 2 cents about the controversy surrounding Jam's family and girlfriend Mich. Below are the screenshots of opinions and reactions from some of Jamich fans:

Jamich fans defend Mich from Maricar Sebastian

Somebody even posted pictures of Mrs. Sebastian taken before her TV interview as if implying that she was too happy to gain TV exposure.

For those who want to understand how much money is at stake in this feud between Maricar Sebastian and Mich Liggayu please read our previous story here.

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