A YouTuber and gadget tinker Patrick Priebe created a real life Iron Man glove gauntlet that shoots real laser. It might not take down Ultron but its laser beams can burn and pop balloons and burn light materials.

Priebe runs the channel LaserGadget which is known for showcasing different gadgets that shoots lasers. His previous projects includes a working optic blast eye-wear (Cyclops style), laser cannon and many others but so far his Iron Man gauntlet is what fanboys and geeks are so amuse of.
Real Iron Man Glove shoots laser

According to reports, his gauntlet is made from aluminum and brass materials equiped with 700mW laser that shoots from the palm and can actually do some serious damage. What's more awesome than that is he also made an Iron Man glove that shoots a mini rocket and yes, it has an exploding warhead.

Priebe says that it took him three weeks to complete the entire project. That was quick in our opinion considering that he is not working in Stark Industries. Watch the awesomeness below.

The question is will you buy one of a real-life Iron Man glove that shoots laser for yourself? Because he is selling it on his website.

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