You read that right folks! It's Maria Ozawa in the flesh right here in our country the Philippines. She guested at the radio program Boys' Night Out's anniversary and is also here to do some shoots for Uno Magazine.

The woman that all Filipino men (and probably some women) have been dreaming of seeing in personal is just a hand's reach away. You just have to keep your ears open and your eyes peeled at all times in the coming days so you won't miss out when it is announced where Miss Ozawa is going to appear next.

Maria in the Philippines
I know you're thinking that this must be a joke like the previous news that Maria was here to call auditions for Pinoy men to cast on one of her videos. But no, this time it's real. It's definitely not fake your girlfriend's, uh, whatever. This is real, period. Want proof? Here are some instagram posts that confirms she is really in the country.

To boost your excitement even more is an outtake video from Uno Magazine showing Ozawa announcing where fans can possibly meet her. Plug your best earphones so you can hear where the right place to be if you are to behold the Japanese Goddess.

One of the outtakes from Maria Ozawa's public service announcement. Listen closely and you'll find out where you can meet her later.
Posted by UNO Magazine Online on Monday, April 27, 2015
I assume that you are convinced now that this is real and you are not dreaming. Now would you want to meet her? What are you willing to sacrifice to get close to her or have even just a selfie with her? She is so close now, you just have to take actions and seize this opportunity while it lasts. That does not sound creepy at all, does it?

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