These photos of a couple holding hands inside a train has got netizens debating in every comment threads in all social media platforms.

The photos drew attention from many Pinoy netizens after several social media pages shared them Saturday morning. Many people perceived the photographs of the two to be unusual because it shows not only intimacy between two gay lovers of different race but also one of them is extremely good looking. Some even thinks that it is proof that love goes beyond gender and looks.
Holding hands with good looking guy

Be that as it may, it's good for them couple and we just have to be happy about it, right? Well many people, mostly female and members of LGBT expresses their envy because they think that the German guy is too good looking for his gay lover.

Yes, that good looking guy is a German model while the blonde one is a creative director and a booking agent at Baca Model Agency at Bangkok, Thailand.

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