Do you own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and you want those precious gadgets of yours to look cooler or awesome or weird? Well, you have come to right page of the internet because what we have here is list of some of the best cool and weird cases that we can find.

1. Chocolate Bar iphone 6 case.

If you're the kind of person that has a serious sweet tooth then this case is for you. It looks like a partially unwrapped chocolate bar that is waiting to for you to give it a bite. But don't because it's not a real chocolate. It's an iphone case. It's just a simple way to showcase that you love chocolate.

2. Retro Family Computer Game Controller case.

Do you often trip down the memory lane? This old school console controller iPhone 6 case will bring back so much memories to the kid of the 90's. This is also a good way to showcase that you retro geekery.

3. The Pizza iPhone 6 case.

Now here's something for the foodies. It does not only protect your phone from scratches. It also make your phone look just like a piece of pizza pie. If you love pizzas, you can tell the world that you do by dressing your phone with this case.

4. The Bacon and Egg iPhone 6 Case.
Another one for the foodies. This is the perfect phone case for those who exceptionally loves breakfast. Unlike the other food-inspired case out there, this one has some 3D texture in it so that you will feel every edge and ridges of those glorious bacon and egg. Wait, does bacon and eggs have ridges? Anyway, this product is available in Amazon and online shopping stores.

5. The Knuckle Duster iPhone case.
This particular phone case became popular since the iphone 3. It's case that is shaped like knuckle duster. It is meant to protect yourself from phone snatchers and the general population of bad people trying to steal your phone. It's made from metal so it's pretty sturdy.

6. The Giant Ear iPhone case.

Currently, there is no version of this case for the iPhone 6 or 6 plus that we know of. That is maybe because not many people want to look like they have a huge ear in public while talking on the phone. If you are the bold one, then maybe this case is perfect for you.

7. The Jelly Belly Scented Case.

Yes, like it's name suggests, it is scented. Imagine smelling strawberry-cheesecake while having a shouting match with your girlfriend/boyfriend over the phone. You get the picture? Smells good right?

8. Starbucks Coffee Cup iPhone 6 Plus Case.
If you are into consuming expensive espresso on a regular basis then maybe you are perfect to wield this Starbucks coffee cup phone case. You have the Starbucks t-shirt, jacket and planner. The only thing missing is this iphone case and you can now be the ultimate Starbucks patron. You can purchase this from Amazon or Ebay (free wifi not included).

9. The Book Book iPhone 6 Case from Twelve South

This is a clever way to disguise your phone as an ordinary leather-bound book and hide it from the prying eyes of phone thieves.  Probably the best case to suit the personality of book-lovers, librarians and writers. Plus it also protects your phone from minor scratches so it's multi purpose in a way.

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