As rescuers continues the desperate search for survivors in the capital Kathmandu, the death toll rises to more than 1,800. This already staggering number of deaths is expected by authorities to rise in the coming days.

The capital was hit by a 7.8 magnitude quake which turned whole streets and squares of more than 1 million people into rubble. Countless buildings were reduced to nothing but mounds of debris. Pristine temples that were once of the daily lives of the people who lives there are leveled to the ground.

Nepal Earthquake 2015 death toll

A terrible sight, indeed. People were buried alive and many more unfortunate lives were crushed beneath crumbling buildings. All in a matter of seconds.

The region is no stranger to earthquakes but this one is the worst in the past 80 years. The quake was so intense it triggered an avalanche in Mount Everest killing at least 10 people.

Meanwhile, aid agencies from both public and private sectors are now starting to pour in.

Raw footage of the moment the deadly earthquake hits are surfacing as well as heartbreaking videos of the aftermath. Our thoughts to all people affected of this disaster especially to those who lost their lives.

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