News reports said that Ronda, Cebu Vice-Mayor John Ungab's wife allegedly hit his "kabit" with a baseball bat.

The alleged mistress lawyer Jiecel Tiu claimed that Pearl Ungab attacked her with a baseball bat after being accused of having an affair with Pear's Vice-Mayor husband. A street vendor who saw the incident at Cogon Ramos Street corroborated this and said he saw Mrs. Ungab hit Atty. Tiu's car with a bat and hit her next.

Vice Mayor Wife Attacks Kabit with baseball bat

However, Pearl Ungab issued the following a statement denying she attacked Tiu, and that she and her son are supposed to be the victim:

Those who saw the actual confrontation between me and Atty. (Jiecel) Tiu will think I was the villain based on how I reacted. But what they did not see was the incident (minutes) before that. What would be your reaction if your son was purposely bumped by a vehicle? Would you just smile? It’s a mother’s instinct to protect her child. We were supposed to be victims in this case. How come, I’m the one being detained now?

Based on her story, she wanted to peacefully talk about their issue but Tiu resorted to insulting her saying "There's nothing we ought to talk about. What for? Your family is already ruined." Then the Atty. Tiu pepper sprayed her right in the face. As Pearl stirred away, Tiu, aboard her car tried to leave hitting pepper sprayed Pearl and her child.

Pearl Ungab decided to follow the attorney to confront her but the she got pepper sprayed again. She then retaliated by smashing Tiu's car window using a baseball bat she happened to have stored in her car.

Mrs. Ungab admitted that she hit the attorney's car but not Atty. Tiu. According to her:

The problem is this Atty. (Jiecel) Tiu. She destroyed our family and put us all to shame. As much as possible, I don’t want to drag my husband in this issue but Atty. Tiu just humiliated him.

Meanwhile, the alleged mistress Atty. Tiu is denies having an affair with the Hon. Vice Mayor Ungab and has already filed a case of frustrated murder against Pearl Ungab. The Cebu City prosecutor said that Pearl will file a counter-charge. The decision on the case will be released by Wednesday.

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