Tekken 7 just released the gameplay trailer for its new Filipina character: Josie Rizal, a female fighter from the Philippines who is named after the Philippines' national hero Jose Rizal.

She wears a gold top, blue skirt and red headband which are also the colors of her country's national flag. Her fighting style is kick boxing and the hand to hand combat Filipino martial arts called Eskrima.

Tekken 7 Filipino Character Josie Rizal

While many fans of the Tekken franchise are happy about this new character, some are expressing dismay because Josie does not speak her native language unlike the other characters that speak their native tongue.

Some people in the gaming scene are also disappointed over the design of Josie Rizal's costume and said that it was not well crated.

It can be remembered that the producer of Tekken Katsuhiro Harada mentioned Jollibee in a tweet last year in response to a follower regarding the idea of including Filipino characters in Tekken 7.

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