Over 200 skeletal human remains were unearthed beneath a supermarket in Paris. The discovery of the remains happened during construction works as part of the expansion of the basement of Monoprix supermarket along Sebastopol Boulevard.

The site where the skeletons were found was long-known to be a former cemetery for Hospital of the Trinity back in 12th to 17th century. Archaeologists believes hundreds of these skeletons belonged to the victims of plagues that ravaged France centuries past and was thought to have been move to the catacomb until now.
Skeletons underneath Monoprix Paris
photo credit: Gawker
According to scientists who looked into it, this massive pile of bodies suggests that there occurred a "major mortality crisis". Some of the tombs seems to contain whole family members buried together with children and women arranged carefully.

Experts says that the discovery of the centuries old remains can provide an excellent opportunity to learn about how death was managed and how funerary practices were carried out centuries in the past.

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