Weighing 175 lbs, 18 month old Hulk may be the world's largest pitbull. Hulk may look viciously big and intimidating but he is actually a sweet dog according to the family that owns him.

Owners Marlon and Lisa Grannan loved the huge fella a lot and even treats him as their own child. The couple do have a boy which often rides on the back of Hulk when they play. They say he also sees Hulk as a sibling and he often sleeps beside the dog.
Largest Pitbull in the world

In an interview, Marlon Grannan said, "He's a wonderful, excellently trained dog. He plays with my kid and he's great with family and he's so, so sweet."

The largest pitbull gained fame over the internet because of its incredible size. A lot of folks on social media is saying that this pitbull is the largest they've ever seen. However, the owner said his Hulk may only be among top 3 of the biggest pitbull in the world.

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