Jeane Napoles, the daughter of accused 'pork barrel scam' mastermind Janet Napoles is now back in town. She was spotted at a children's party of one of her relatives.

In a photo taken October 2014 that is now being circulated online shows a smiling Jeane Napoles together with her relatives and friends. But what aroused the curiosities of netizens is the fact that Vicky Morales is also in the said photo.
Vicky Morales and Jeane Napoles Picture

Some netizens speculates that GMA 7 News anchor might be also involved with the deeds of Napoles while some says that it might just be complete happenstance.

Rappler, a local news website, reports that Vicky Morales said she did not recognized Jeane Napoles and that she was just at the party because her daughter is friends with the celebrant.

The return of Jeane NapolesAt 21, Jeane Napoles led the life of a billionaire’s daughter: glitzy Los Angeles address, penchant for designer goods and jetsetting lifestyle. She’s a spoiled, spendthrift twenty-something, but so what? Jeane’s lifestyle is under public scrutiny because it reveals the family’s unexplained wealth.
Posted by Rappler on Saturday, March 28, 2015

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