Motorcycles are one of the most convenient mode of transportation around the cities in the Philippines. Due to the poor state of road traffic in the country, many people are choosing to go with motorcycles as their transportation although it is more prone to accidents than other mode of transport.

Motorcycle Theft Philippines

Due to high demand, the motorcycle industry went boom and lots and lots of brands are competing for the favor of the consumer. This demand has not only sparked a healthy competition among the manufacturers and distributors but it has also become an opportunity for thieves. Motorcycle theft in the country has ran rampart over the years and countless of their modus has been recorded.

Motorcycle theft indeed has been a big problem of the community. Although the authorities is said to be doing the best they can to stop these thieves, it still ranks high up in the list of crimes committed on the street everyday.

Thanks to CCTVs and social media, a lot of motorcycle owners are now aware of this problem and is taking whatever precautions they can do by themselves. Speaking of which, is there really something we can do to avoid being victimized by these wretched thieves?

The Motorcycle owners' weakness.

We always leave our bike for many obvious reasons. So how about you don't leave your motorcycle unattended? It could be the best way to avoid your bike being stolen. But it is also probably the most inconvenient and it can also be dangerous when you try to fight thieves that you happen to catch stealing your bike because you are there. The sad truth is there is nowhere you can leave your bike safely. Even in private paid parking areas or crowded places where we thought it would be safe is not safe at all. That is because the bike thieves in the Philippines has almost perfected their modus.

How do we combat bike thieves?

The most effective way to combat these thieves is by making it harder for them to do their deed. We can do that by installing anti-theft alarm system. You probably think that it will cost a lot. You're wrong. You can have an anti theft alarm system installed on your motorcycle for as low as 1200 pesos.

How does motorcycle anti-theft alarm system work?

Every time you park your bike, the alarm can be activated by just pushing a button on the remote control. When a thieving hand touches your bike the alarm will produce a blaring sound loud enough to scare off the thieves and alert people nearby.

Where to get motorcycle anti-theft alarm system?

Unfortunately there are only few stores selling this gadget and even fewer that will will install it for you because of the required level of technicality of the installation. In other words, it is hard to install this gadget that's why only few do it. But you can still find someone if you look hard enough. Here's one that we found on Facebook:

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