A Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV plowed through houses killing one and injuring 6 others including the driver of said vehicle in Pacita Avenue in Laguna. As of the moment, the driver is nowhere to be found who was believed to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

The SUV went through two houses smashing concrete fences and a gate made of steel bars before it toppled over. The story was first reported on motoring magazine TopGear Philippines submitted by a certain Jax Cayetano. Below is a photo of the reported incident with its original caption from Cayetano:

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Car Accident

"Hi, Top Gear. I'm sending you the picture of a Mitsubishi Montero Sport that plowed through two houses until it rested at my mom's house. The house is on a corner lot along the main avenue of Pacita in Laguna. One man died and six others were injured, including the owner of the vehicle. The driver is nowhere to be found. They purportedly came from a drinking session within the same area. Although this can easily be passed off as something accidental, the extent of how it bulldozed through two concrete fences and a gate can only mean it was going really fast until it toppled over."
 Again folks, don't drink and drive. May this serve as a lesson to all motorists.

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