Dubbed as Bagito Scandal Part 5, a video featuring a couple doing the deed has spread on social media, Monday March 2. The scandalous video is believed to have been first posted by an FB page that regularly posts selfies of beautiful women.

The video has been viewed for more than half a million and counting since it was uploaded on Monday and has been reposted by other pages.

If you have been frequenting the internet, you may already know that the first bagito scandal features a couple who appears to be minors. That video went extremely viral and was viewed by hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Bagito Part 5 video

A series of 'sequels' called Bagito part 2, part 3 and so on followed suit which also features young couples but different people from the first one. And now it has come to part 5 which appears to me it was just an attempt to advertise an adult website as you can see their logo is prominent through out the video which is by the way an old amateur footage uploaded long before the first Bagito video went viral.

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