A boy asking out a girl in public by serenading her gets rejected. It may not only be a heartbreaking experience for the guy but it's also probably very embarrassing for him since it was all caught on video and that video, my friends, reached the internet.
Guy gets rejected in public

The said video has garnered lots of attention since it was uploaded. While some netizens are expressing sympathy for the rejected guy, there's also lots of comments about how the boy abused the girl by forcing her to stay and listen while he do his act. It can be seen in the video that the guy is even dragging back the girl when she tries to leave.

Nevertheless, this viral video just shows that you don't always get your love interest. Most specially if you force them. That's not cool.

By the way, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow so let me say to you: Happy Valentine's Day and take care of your hearts!

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