A dancing security who's got moves like Michael Jackson in a car park at Fisher Mall in Quezon City is now one of today's internet favorite.

A motorist passing by happened to see the energetic guard dancing while doing his job, so Armin Emil Bihis, the said motorist, took out his camera started taping the act that would then go viral on the internet.

Dancing Security Guard Fisher Mall
The vide clip, which is 22 seconds in length, was first seen on the FB page of motoring magazine TopGear Philippines and has now garnered over 9,000 likes and 100,000 views and counting since it was uploaded.

According to netizens who frequent Fisher Mall, the now dubbed as the "Dancing Security Guard" has been amusing mall goers for several months now.

A while back, there's also another video of this same dancing sekyu that went online November last year.

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