A professional dancer who also happens to be a circus performer awes audience of Ukrainian's version of America's Got Talent when shed gracefully danced, on a rope and did not get herself hurt.
Rope Balancer Dancer Tatyana Kundik

This breathtaking act of a girl named Tatyana Kundik shocked the world after the video of her performance reach youtube. What's her act? Well, at the beginning of her performance, she's just merely dancing with a prop chair like normal dancers would then she just flipped and made cartwheels on and around a suspended rope.

It's the classic act of balancing on a rope but instead of awkward swinging of limbs (like what normal rope balancers do), she gracefully dance on it which involves turning and twisting her around leaving the studio audience breathless the whole performance.

While such performances has been done by circus performers, it is pretty new to a national television talent show. She got a standing ovation from crowd, of course. Because balancing and dancing on a rope is not easy feat and can only be achieved through discipline and training and being Tatyana herself.

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