Photo collage depicting a supposed crocodile attack goes viral as tens of thousands of social media users shared it around the web. Unlike many other shocking stories that turned out to be fake in the end, this 'crocodile eats 11 year old boy' incident actually happened in Papua New Guinea sometime in May of this year.

Crocodile eats 11 year old boy
A video report on youtube said that the victim who was only an eleven year old boy, identified as Melas Mero, was out fishing together with his parents at the banks of Siloura River when a viscious crocodile appeared and attacked him. The crocodile took off and was later found and killed by police.

As you can see, this incident is over six months old but why is it still making the rounds online today?

Well, it was reposted and made viral by a certain Ricky Arceno, a Philippine shobiz aspirant from Surigao. He posted the images and promised to post the video on his timeline in order to gain more followers.

The photo continues get more attention as more users share it on Facebook.

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