A new social networking site that wants to pay its members for what they share, that is what Tsu is. It's a social network just like Facebook but it advertises itself as one that pays its users the royalties that is due for them.

Tsu is a New York based company which launched on Tuesday with a $7 million investment led by Sancus Capital Prive aims to split its advertising revenue with users, paying them for posting content and inviting their friends to join.

It looks a lot like Facebook at first glance but unlike FB, Tsu only takes 10 percent of the ad revenue it generates while passing the other 90 percent back to users, according to founder Sebastian Sobczak. The revenue is distributed to users based on how many organic post-views they get during the 24-hour period. That means, the more views or engagement a user generate, the larger portion of the revenue you get.

Tsu believes that the content creators (users) and not just the platform provider, deserve to benefit from an active user base.

Meanwhile, several Hollywood celebrities joined Tsu like NBA star Penny Hardaway, rapper 50cent, footbal star Johnny Manziel and many others.

Tsu is currently invite-only. Do you want to join Tsu? Click here to sign up.

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