A Python snake allegedly ate and swallowed a passed out drunk guy who was then sleeping just outside a liquor store, was captured by the authorities in India.

Python Snake Swallowed Drunk Guy.

This was the news circulating on social media platforms Twitter and Facebook. And it comes with a photo of the huge snake all stuffed full with its victim.

Not only this news is really terrifying but it is also a fake one. Yes, a Fake with a capital F. Apparently it is a hoax that is mongering fear towards the fear large snakes that has been recurring on the internet over the past several years.

The photo in question has been posted years ago over and over but with different stories saying it swallowed a child, a woman and sometimes both a woman and a child. I don't know the real and original story behind this picture and I don't think we will ever find out because of the amount hoaxes that it has been used with already.

Again, the Python Swallowed a Passed out Drunk Guy photo is just a hoax.

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