The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) hails the bil filed by Cong. Rodolfo Biazon to exempt teachers’ allowances from taxation and further asks Malacanang to act favorably on the salary increase proposals in both houses of Congress.
“We call on our government especially the president to consider this proposal. Since they do not intend to give us increase in salaries or grant us cost of living allowances, tax exemptions and other forms of non-wage benefits will surely help us and our families.” Said Benjo Basas, the group’s national chairperson.
The group said that there are several proposals in Congress that seeks for tax exemption and salary increases for teachers.
“Teachers and other government workers just deserve tax breaks because for the longest time we are paying our income and other taxes correctly and religiously.” Basas added.
Basas scored the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for its unfair tax policies.

“While the BIR recently revealed that many professionals are evading their tax obligations the trend continues and only those whose taxes are automatically deducted suffer the tax burden. The government must run after the ‘big time’ tax evaders and review its tax policies.” Basas furthered.  “It is very unfortunate that the most honest taxpayers are the employees occupying the lower positions both in private and government services. And even more unfortunate that these taxes from the sweat and blood of the teachers and lowly workers will only end up in the pockets of crooks or in the discretionary funds of officials to use for their vested political interests.” Basas ended.

Last October 5, the government lead by the Department of Education (DepEd) joined the celebration of the World Teachers’ Day and again declared the teachers as heroes and the teaching as the noblest profession, praises which according to the Basas, “Remain as empty and lip service appreciation if the government will continuously disregard the teachers’ socio-economic conditions.”

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