The screenshot below is from a viral video featuring a blind girl from the Philippines with her own rendition of the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.
Blind Girl Sings Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.

The viral video inspired many netizens as it made the rounds on social networking site Facebook, Wednesday night. The girl sings with all her heart while reading the lyrics on  braille. It gathers massive numbers of shares and likes and was regarded by many as very impressive.

In the comments of the said video, many said they were moved and was even in tears while watching the young Filipina sing her heart out.

At the rate that this video is being shared around and with the amount of positive responses it continues to receive, many believes that this young girl will make it to national TV soon.

Here's a copy of the blind Filipina girl singing "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus:

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